The UnstoppABLE Lifestyle 40-Day Program - Arms Focus

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"Being UnstoppABLE is a way of living. It is a mindset, a mentality, a work ethic, the formula to achieving success and true bliss!" -Jessica Ogunnorin-

You will receive a full 40-Day program that you can use over and over again! 

You will need a backpack, access to some stairs (modifications available), no workout equipment needed!

This program consists of 6 weeks of routines: Core Strength Development, HIIT Workouts, Conditioning, Circuits, and Isometric Training!

This program also includes: Affirmations, Mindset Training, Food Challenges, Weekly Check-ins/Chats! Nutritional Advice and Grocery Shopping Assistance, Video demonstrations as needed!

Expect to be held accountable, to be coached with passion, love, and respect! 

-- This version focuses on arms! --

Completing the UMP30 prior is recommended, but not required!

In 40 days, you will be surprised by your ability to grow, adapt, improve, and perform! You will demand nothing but 110% effort from yourself!

No excuses. No competition. Just you versus you!
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