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Overthinking: How to stop or control your thoughts from racing?

   Overthinking can paralyze you. It can cause anxiety and stress. It can deprive you from sleep and it is capable of creating a false reality. You can get sick from it. I have gotten sick from overthinking. It is a problem and I admit it. Therefore, it is time to face it. I asked for your help on Instagram and below you will find the answers you gave me! Thank you to everyone who responded to my request for help. 

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How to effectively face and deal with your problems!

You are special, you are unique, you are one of a kind, and no one can be you better than you can. Don’t say why me; your problems will be different just like you. Everything you go through is part of the journey of transforming to the wonderful individual you already are and are meant to be. Just keep pushing and working on yourself. You got this!

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