Live in the moment!


Live in the moment...

I would like to begin by telling you, you are right. I get it. What you are feeling is normal and I occasionally feel that way too. You were disappointed. You were let down. You gave someone or something your all and it didn’t turn out the way you wanted to.

You really wanted it though. Your mind, body, and soul were so into it. So, now you are searching for a way to cope. You want to get over it. You do not want to think about it. Thinking about it makes you feel weak, insecure, less worthy, and maybe even dumb in a way.

So, now what? What do you do?

You develop coping mechanisms. You go out more. You drink or smoke or do things you normally do not do. You are straying away from yourself; the real you, but you make yourself believe it’s okay. You tell yourself it is alright because now you don’t spend as much time thinking on what hurt you. You are simply okay with getting by, passively, distracted…

The problem is that these coping mechanisms you have developed are not fixing the issue. They are actually growing the gap you feel. They disguise your reality. Sooner or later the day will come. Those mechanisms will not work, but the issues will still be there, and time will have passed by. Time you could have used to heal, build, and forgive is now gone.

You see, when you develop these coping mechanisms that distract you from what you feel, you also miss out on what is. You become blind to change. You are unable to recognize improvement simply because you are not mentally there anymore. You develop a heart that resents. You develop a mindset that could care less.

You begin to do more, but feel less.

You essentially give up. You give up on love, you give up on faith, you give up on your career, you give up on your dreams, you give up on people, and you give up on life…

Giving up is always an option, but never the choice.

So, go back. Face the issue, deal with the disappointment, talk to the person, apply again, visualize better, but do all that with faith and an open heart. Things change and people change sometimes for the better and other times for the worse, but you will never be able to see it, if you are not in the moment. You will never be able to face it and truly grow from it, if you are not mentally and physically in the moment.

Live in the moment. Feel the sadness, feel the excitement, feel the happiness, feel the anger, feel the disappointment. Choose to feel. Feel what is real. Feel what exists. Feel what is in your presence because nothing hurts more than someone’s absence. Nothing hurts more than feeling alone while around others.

Nothing hurts more than the time we had with people, but didn’t use to the best of our ability due to temporary feelings and conflicts we could have resolved.

Send the text, make the call, show up, apologize, let go of the grudges, move on and continue to grow with people you know truly love and care about you.

Life is not granted and people’s presence is not granted.

Live in the moment for the memories we have felt with our body, mind, and spirit are our only true possessions.

Let us practice!

Read this again. Don't read and scroll. Don't read and talk to others. Don't read some, take a break, and come back to it. Just read it and absorb the information...that is an example of being in the moment!

Next time you spend time with someone you love. Look at them when they talk to you. Pay attention when they open up. Feel their emotions through their eyes. Enjoy and be part of every gesture they make. Observe them, learn them, feel them, love them, and be in the moment with them; that is how you appreciate the time you are given with people. That is how you live in the moment with people you love, through the good and the bad!


Love Always, 

Jessica Ogunnorin


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