I love Myself!

I love myself. I love how I am when I love. I love with everything in me. I don’t take love lightly and sometimes it backfires. I’ve cried. I’ve been mad. I’ve lost, but I have always gained a better version of myself. 

I’m not perfect, but I’m perfectly myself. At my worst, I looked to be a person someone could lean on. I smile, when I’m hurting. I give, when I barely have enough. I’m unique, beautiful, and special.”

I’m freaking special. I love myself and who I am. 

Sandra Skinner posing with her Funslay Bisexual Pride Sweatshirt on Funslay by Jessica Ogunnorin

Sometimes, I forget. Sometimes, I don’t understand. Sometimes, I try to figure everything out and fix everything, but I fail. Not because I’m not good enough, not because there’s something wrong with me, not because I’m not strong enough, not because I’m not intelligent, but because I’m human.

 I will make mistakes. I will fuck up. I will disappoint. I will feel lost. I will find myself doing things I didn’t expect. I will feel like quitting. I will mentally quit. I will sometimes submit to my self-destructive thoughts. I will overreact. I will think. I will overthink. I will isolate myself. I will spend time with myself. I will be mad at the world. I will isolate myself and then be extremely frustrated. 

However, I will not give up. I will never give up. Even at my lowest, I will not give up. Even when giving up seems like my only option, I will not give up. At my lowest, I will try, and sometimes I will surprise myself at how well I can perform in this play called Life. 

Yes, because this is a play. It has a beginning and an end ending. And just like in every great play, movie or experience the challenges are what make it interesting. The tests, the trials, and the obstacles that the protagonist overcomes make the story worth telling or watching.

Yes, I’m the protagonist. I’m in control of my life. It’s my life. It’s my will, my desires, my faith, my power, and my uniqueness. I’m the protagonist because there’s no one else better than me to play this role. I’m unique, beautiful, and truly amazing on the inside and on the outside...the world has to see this. The world has to watch me perform. 

I’m not your regular woman or man, I’m better. I’m extraordinary. I’m different. I’m too amazing to let this world or any other secondary actor play my part or tell me how to play my part. I’m not in control of events, but I’m in control of me and how I react to them.Jessica Ogunnorin CEO of Funslay posing in Spain

My movie will be 5-star. You will talk about it. You will learn from it and you will be inspired. 

I’m never sure of how, but I’m always sure I will. Things are awfully hard right now, but I wouldn’t accept a role in a fairytale; too easy. I don’t like easy. I’m built for the real deal. I’m thankful for everything I have been through, I’m going through and will go through because without these experiences I wouldn’t know how dope I am. I wouldn’t know my strength.

 Trust that this movie will have a happy ending.



 Thank you CKZB for the inspiration!


Love Always,

Jessica Ogunnorin

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