10 things to know for your first Event as a Vendor!

      Hey LEV8 Family! Happy New Year! This year started beautifully as we attended our first vending event! It was a mixture of emotions and a few things we would love to have known about in advance or that we learned during the event! So, we decided to put together this blog so it can help you with your first vending opportunity! This is short, but very beneficial read! Enjoy and good luck on your first event!


1. Early Arrival!

Number one thing to remember is that you must arrive early and have time to set up and organize yourself. Your energy, rush, lack of comfort, or stress is communicated and transferred to your stand. Be comfortable, be confident, and most importantly be happy that you are able to branch out and participate in an event.


2. Realistic Expectations

You may have spent a whole lotta time working on your stance, designing, planning, putting things together, but it may not reflect on the conversion. It is okay. Every event will be a learning experience and a chance to grow and do better at the next event. 


3. Never compare your stand. 

Network , connect, smile, be positive, have faith, and focus on you! Comparison is the thief of joy! Other tables maybe more attractive or get more attention that yours. Again, it is okay. Think of it as a challenge to come up with new creative ways and design ideas for your brand.


4. Introduce your brand to the crowd! Network!

If you table isn’t getting any attention, then bring the attention to it! Go and introduce yourself to other sellers! Some products catch the eye, other products catch the soul or the mind. Explain the meaning and purpose of your brand to other vendors or individuals. If you have a brand with a complicated or unique name, make sure you are giving a clear and brief explanation of the meaning. 


5. Focus on brand awareness!

Invest in business cards, banners, and other items that can help make your brand stand out from a distance or help communicate the meaning of it without saying a word. 


6. Two smiles are better than one!

Bring a friend with you! Having company is always helpful when you want to go around to network and raise brand awareness. Two smiles are better than one!


7. Market smartly!

Take pictures, videos, and document your first event (and all events). Get the names of the organizers and tag them, mention your location, and again explain what your brand’s mission is. This is a great way to market your brand…for free!


8. Be happy no matter what!

Be happy with your outcome. Many sales or no sales are equally important. No matter what the conversion rate is on your first event, you have for sure achieved one thing: brand awareness!


9. Network, network, network, and network again!

In the case that 8 is true and you struggled making sales, make sure you make connections at the end of the event. Offer business cards and maybe even a free t-shirt to an individual that you thought stood out or would represent your brand well.


10. Choose your event wisely!

     Although you may just be staring and be low on budget, choose your event wisely. Don't just sign up for affordable events. Instead sign up for events related to your brand and your goals! This way you will be exposed to the appropriate crown and/or audience!

     We would like to thank Misha and CHS for giving us the opportunity to vend and for hosting such great event for a great cause! We cannot wait till next year! We loved meeting you all in person! Looking forward more events with you!


Hope this helps on your first vendor event! For further questions, follow us at @lev8apparel and DM us! 


Love Always, 

Jessica Ogunnorin

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